Reduce time wasted
by meetings

Most companies need less than one hour of meetings per person a day. Enjoy short & small group discussions scheduled on-demand at the most convenient time.

Without Meetter your calendar is really busy
With Meetter your calendar is a lot more organized

How Meetter Works

Meetter is a web conferencing software with autonomous scheduler optimized for less distraction, smaller and focused meetings. Best suited for distributed/remote companies.

Setup company-wide Meetter hours

Meetter hours are virtual office hours when the whole company is available to meet and solve problems together in small groups. Meetter will schedule on-demand meetings within those hours.

Pick weekly hours that work the best for the whole company. The goal is to minimize distraction for workers whose productivity depends on being able to focus for prolonged time intervals. For distributed companies, it is usually on the intersection of timezones. For companies in the same time zone, we recommend at the end of the day.

Existing standing meetings are made obsolete by Meetter and we encourage you to gradually cancel them all.

Post agenda topics

Meetter agenda & scheduling is decentralized and meetings are scheduled on-demand within available Meetter hours. Noone needs to play a role of a meeting organizer anymore. Everyone can create an agenda topic, add participants and Meetter will do the rest.

Based on the priority and availability topics are tentatively placed on one of the upcoming Meetter hours. We prioritize small group and shorter discussions.

TTopics with a not intersecting set of participants will be discussed in different rooms simultaneously.

Enjoy meettering!

About 15 minutes prior to every Meetter hour you will receive a notification with finalized schedule and links to the virtual rooms. Or a cancellation in case there are no agenda topics with you at that hour.

This will be the most efficient meeting experience your company ever had. Many small and productive sessions will be happening in parallel. Then everyone gets back to work or goes home.

All non-sensitive meetings are automatically recorded & transcribed, split by the topics and shared within the company. They are also searchable!